Informing Efforts to Develop Nitroreductase for Amine Production.

  title={Informing Efforts to Develop Nitroreductase for Amine Production.},
  author={Anne-Frances Miller and Jonathan T Park and Kyle L Ferguson and Warintra Pitsawong and Andreas S. Bommarius},
  volume={23 2}
Nitroreductases (NRs) hold promise for converting nitroaromatics to aromatic amines. Nitroaromatic reduction rate increases with Hammett substituent constant for NRs from two different subgroups, confirming substrate identity as a key determinant of reactivity. Amine yields were low, but compounds yielding amines tend to have a large π system and electron withdrawing substituents. Therefore, we also assessed the prospects of varying the enzyme. Several different subgroups of NRs include members… CONTINUE READING