Information transmission in remote viewing experiments

  title={Information transmission in remote viewing experiments},
  author={Charles T. Tart and Harold E. Puthoff and Russell Targ},
Am I Luckier Than You? Individual Differences in Precognition Performance
The results found in parapsychological research have not been particularly persuasive, in large part due to a lack of replicability of those studies purporting evidence in support of the existence
Advanced Relativity: Multidimensionality of Consciousness and Mind, Origin of Life, PSI Phenomena
Evolution of life has its informational basis in higher-dimensional Hilbert spaces which also represent the origin of consciousness and mind. The idea of neurology that mind has its origin in
More on Methodological Issues in Free-Response Psi Experiments
Since the publication of my previous paper on free-resppnse methodology (Kennedy, 1979), several developments have taken place that deserve comment. In his paper in this issue of the Journal, Charles
Beyond Belief: Index
Beyond Belief: Skepticism, Science and the Paranormal
Preface 1. Introduction - the paranormal and why it matters 2. The nature of science 3. The paranormal 4. Skepticism - from Socrates to Hume 5. Modern skepticism 6. Bringing skepticism down to earth
From text to self : the interplay of criticism and response in the history of parapsychology
The thesis examines the history of criticism and response in scientific parapsychology by bringing together the tools of history, rhetoric of science, and discursive psychology to examine texts
The psychology of paranormal beliefs
Investigation of paranormal claims has failed to find any repeatable paranormal phenomena, yet beliefs in such phenomena are extemely prevalent. Some of the psychological mechanisms which support
Psi experiments: Do the best parapsychological experiments justify the claims for psi?
The results of the scrutiny of the three most widely heralded programs of research — the remote viewing experiments, the psi ganzfeld research, and the work with random number generators — indicates that parapsychological research falls short of the professed standards of the field.


An introduction to probability theory
This classic text and reference introduces probability theory for both advanced undergraduate students of statistics and scientists in related fields, drawing on real applications in the physical and
An Introduction to Probability Theory and Its Applications
Thank you for reading an introduction to probability theory and its applications vol 2. As you may know, people have look numerous times for their favorite novels like this an introduction to
Information transmission in remote viewing experiments
The results do not verify the claim that an extrasensory remote viewing ability may be widely distributed in the general population, but they do not discredit the claim.
Immunoglobulin of T lymphoma cells is an integral membrane protein
It is proposed that the antigen-combining site of T cell IgM protrudes from the cell surface, but that the Fc portion bearing the characteristic antigenic determinants of the heavy chain is not accessible to large molecules in the solvent.
Information transmission under conditions of sensory shielding
WE present results of experiments suggesting the existence of one or more perceptual modalities through which individuals obtain information about their environment, although this information is not
A perceptual channel for information transfer over kilometer distances: Historical perspective and recent research
The history of scientific inquiry into so-called paranormal perception is presented, some areas of physics are suggested from which a description or explanation of the phenomenon could be forthcoming and the current state of the art in parapsychological research is surveyed.