Information transfer through the spontaneous baroreflex in healthy humans.

  title={Information transfer through the spontaneous baroreflex in healthy humans.},
  author={Alberto Porta and Aparecida M. Catai and Anielle C. M. Takahashi and Valentina Magagnin and Tito Bassani and Eleonora Tobaldini and N. Montano},
  journal={Methods of information in medicine},
  volume={49 5},
OBJECTIVES This study assesses the information transfer through the spontaneous baroreflex (i.e. through the pathway linking systolic arterial pressure to heart period) during an experimental condition soliciting baroreflex (i.e. head-up tilt). METHODS The information transfer was calculated as the conditional entropy of heart period given systolic arterial pressure using a mutual neighbor approach and uniform quantization. The information transfer was monitored as a function of the… CONTINUE READING

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