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Information-theoretic thresholds for community detection in sparse networks

  title={Information-theoretic thresholds for community detection in sparse networks},
  author={J. Banks and C. Moore and Joe Neeman and Praneeth Netrapalli},
  • J. Banks, C. Moore, +1 author Praneeth Netrapalli
  • Published 2016
  • Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics
  • ArXiv
  • We give upper and lower bounds on the information-theoretic threshold for community detection in the stochastic block model. Specifically, consider the symmetric stochastic block model with $q$ groups, average degree $d$, and connection probabilities $c_\text{in}/n$ and $c_\text{out}/n$ for within-group and between-group edges respectively; let $\lambda = (c_\text{in}-c_\text{out})/(qd)$. We show that, when $q$ is large, and $\lambda = O(1/q)$, the critical value of $d$ at which community… CONTINUE READING
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