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Information-theoretic convergence of extreme values to the Gumbel distribution

  title={Information-theoretic convergence of extreme values to the Gumbel distribution},
  author={Oliver Johnson},
  • O. Johnson
  • Published 7 July 2020
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • ArXiv
We show how convergence to the Gumbel distribution in an extreme value setting can be understood in an information-theoretic sense. We introduce a new type of score function which behaves well under the maximum operation, and which implies simple expressions for entropy and relative entropy. We show that, assuming certain properties of the von Mises representation, convergence to the Gumbel can be proved in the strong sense of relative entropy. 



Rates of convergence for Renyi entropy in extreme value theory

  • Ali Saeb
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • 2014
The rate of convergence result for Rényi entropy for linearly normalized partial maxima is studied, which proves that the RéNYi entropy of order β (β > 1) of linear normalized maximum of iid random variables with continuous differentiable density is convergent to the max stable laws.

Maximal Correlation and the Rate of Fisher Information Convergence in the Central Limit Theorem

  • O. Johnson
  • Mathematics
    IEEE Transactions on Information Theory
  • 2020
It is proved that assuming this eigenvalue of the operator associated with the Hirschfeld–Gebelein–Rényi maximal correlation satisfies a strict inequality, an rate of convergence and a strengthened form of monotonicity hold.

Rates of convergence for R enyi entropy in extreme value theory

  • Ali Saeb
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • 2010
The rate of convergence for R enyi entropy is studied in the case of linearly normalized partial maxima of iid random variables with continuous dierentiable density.

Fisher information inequalities and the central limit theorem

Abstract.We give conditions for an O(1/n) rate of convergence of Fisher information and relative entropy in the Central Limit Theorem. We use the theory of projections in L2 spaces and Poincaré

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It is shown that distributions arising in Renyi-Tsallis maximum entropy setting are related to the generalized Pareto distributions (GPD) that are widely used for modeling the tails of distributions.

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Assuming von Mises type conditions, we can prove the density of the normalized maximum of i.i.d. random variables converges to the density of the appropriate extreme value distribution in the Lp

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