Information slows down hierarchy growth

  title={Information slows down hierarchy growth},
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We consider models of growing multilevel systems wherein the growth process is driven by rules of tournament selection. A system can be conceived as an evolving tree with a new node being attached to a contestant node at the best hierarchy level (a level nearest to the tree root). The proposed evolution reflects limited information on system properties available to new nodes. It can also be expressed in terms of population dynamics. Two models are considered: a constant tournament (CT) model… 

Models of random graph hierarchies

It is found that in both models the number of nodes at a given hierarchy level h decreases approximately exponentially with h, and the height of the hierarchy H decreases monotonically with the connectivity parameter c in the RGH model and it reaches a maximum for a certain cmax in the LRGH model.

Coevolution of information processing and topology in hierarchical adaptive random Boolean networks

This work proposes a hierarchical adaptive random Boolean Network (HARBN) as a system consisting of distinct adaptive RBNs (ARBNs) – subnetworks – connected by a set of permanent interlinks, and investigates mean node information, mean edge information as well as mean node degree.

Information theory and maximum entropy principles in non-equilibrium statistical physics

This thesis reconsiders key assumptions underlying kinetic theory of gases from the perspective of information theory, aiming in particular at generalizing Boltzmann's molecular chaos hypothesis.



Emergence From Chaos To Order

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Hierarchy In Natural And Social Sciences

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The term ‘complexity’ has recently sprung into the physical and social sciences, humanities and semi-popular writings. ‘Complexity’ practices are constituted as something of a self-organizing global

Trends in ecology and evolution.

  • A. Sugden
  • Art
    Trends in ecology & evolution
  • 1986


or "What a lie", or "How could I have said so"? or demanded at once that she should be sent for. Yet, he never on one single occasion, before others, spoke to Mrs. Cox on the subject. The only


  • Rev. Lett. 85, 4629
  • 2000


  • Rev. E 63, 066123
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Hierarchy in natural and social sciences

Hierarchy: A Short History of a Word in Western Thought.- Biological and Ecological Systems Hierarchical Organisation.- Size, Scale and the Boat Race Conceptions, Connections and Misconceptions.-

Hierarchy Theory: The Challenge of Complex Systems

Emergence: From Chaos to Order (Addison-Wesley

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