Information security issues of RFID

  • Zoltan Nyikes
  • Published 2016 in
    2016 IEEE 14th International Symposium on Applied…


After presenting a brief history of RFID, the author discusses the general and security issues related to RFID and their possible solutions. Information security is examined as an integral part of overall security. Furthermore, various information security solutions and technologies are presented to address specific security issues. From the wide range of application possibilities, the author has selected document protection and administrative security. Paper-based documentation cannot be completely ruled out from everyday life. Although great progress has been made in the field of authentic instruments and banknotes, many security elements have not yet appeared in everyday life. The various application possibilities of "smart" paper and digital watermark can be considered here. When examining the question of future development, the author presents some of the likely alternatives predicted by experts of the industry for the forthcoming years.

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