Information flow in black hole evaporation

  title={Information flow in black hole evaporation},
  author={Hong Zhe Chen and Zachary Kenneth Fisher and Juan Hernandez and Robert C. Myers and Shan-Ming Ruan},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
Recently, new holographic models of black hole evaporation have given fresh insights into the information paradox [ 1 – 3 ]. In these models, the black hole evaporates into an auxiliary bath space after a quantum quench, wherein the holographic theory and the bath are joined. One particularly exciting development is the appearance of ‘ER=EPR’-like wormholes in the (doubly) holographic model of [ 3 ]. At late times, the entanglement wedge of the bath includes the interior of the black hole. In… Expand
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We study the doubly holographic model of [1] in the situation where a black hole in two-dimensional JT gravity theory is coupled to an auxiliary bath system at arbitrary finite temperature. DependingExpand
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Defect Extremal Surface for Reflected Entropy
  • Tianyi Li, Ma-Ke Yuan, Yang Zhou
  • Physics
  • 2021
Defect extremal surface is defined by extremizing the Ryu-Takayanagi formula corrected by the quantum defect theory. This is interesting when the AdS bulk contains a defect brane (or string). WeExpand
Entanglement Entropy in a Holographic Moving Mirror and the Page Curve.
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