Information and Systems Dimensions of Technological Artifacts


From cradle to grave, from our birth till the end of our lives, we are surrounded not only by the world of human beings (i.e., the social world), and the world of nature (i.e., the geosphere and biosphere), but also by the world of artificial human constructs—i.e., the world of artifacts. In this world, sometimes figuratively called "our second nature," a key position is occupied by those artifacts that manifest our knowledge and, of course, also our values, and that are sometimes collectively referred to as "technology" or the "technical world." Stressing this knowledgeand value-related conditioning of technological constructs actually corresponds to the original meaning of the Greek word techne, i.e., abilities, skills, or knowledge for solving a certain problem situation by seeking, and especially creating, adequate means for such a solution. In this sense, each technical object or technical solution has its own information dimensions.

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