Information Transfer with a Gravitating Bath

  title={Information Transfer with a Gravitating Bath},
  author={Hao Geng and Andreas Karch and Carlos Perez-Pardavila and S. Raju and Lisa Randall and Marcos Riojas and Sanjit Shashi},
  journal={arXiv: High Energy Physics - Theory},
Late-time dominance of entanglement islands plays a critical role in addressing the information paradox for black holes in AdS coupled to an asymptotic non-gravitational bath. A natural question is how this observation can be extended to gravitational systems. To gain insight into this question, we explore how this story is modified within the context of Karch-Randall braneworlds when we allow the asymptotic bath to couple to dynamical gravity. We find that because of the inability to separate… 

Inconsistency of islands in theories with long-range gravity

In ordinary gravitational theories, any local bulk operator in an entanglement wedge is accompanied by a long-range gravitational dressing that extends to the asymptotic part of the wedge. Islands

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We consider the setup of a black hole in AdS 4 coupled to an external bath, embedded in type IIB string theory. We study quantum extremal islands in these backgrounds, in relation to the existence of

Information transfer with a twist

Holographic duals for CFTs compactified on a Riemann surface Σ with a twist are cast in the language of wedge holography. Σ starts as part of the field theory geometry in the UV and becomes part of

Failure of the split property in gravity and the information paradox

  • S. Raju
  • Physics
    Classical and Quantum Gravity
  • 2022
In an ordinary quantum field theory, the ‘split property’ implies that the state of the system can be specified independently on a bounded subregion of a Cauchy slice and its complement. This

BCFT in a Black Hole Background: An Analytical Holographic Model

: We study the entanglement phase structure of a holographic boundary conformal field theory (BCFT) in a two-dimensional black hole background. The bulk dual is the AdS 3 black string geometry with a

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In this paper, island formation for entangling regions of finite size in the asymptotically flat eternal Schwarzschild black hole is considered. We check the complementarity property of entanglement

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The Fabbri–Russo model is a generalized model of a two-dimensional dilaton gravity theory with various parameters “ n ” describing various specific gravities. Particularly, the

("Swiss-Cheese'') Entanglement Entropy when Page-ing ${\cal M}$ Theory Dual of Thermal QCD Above $T_c$ at Intermediate Coupling

Exploration of entanglement entropy and obtaining the Page curve in the context of eternal black holes associated with top-down non-conformal holographic thermal duals at intermediate coupling, has

Aspects of AdS2 quantum gravity and the Karch-Randall braneworld

  • H. Geng
  • Physics
    Journal of High Energy Physics
  • 2022
Abstract In this paper, we use the Karch-Randall braneworld to study theories of quantum gravity in two dimensional (nearly) anti-de Sitter space (AdS2). We focus on effective gravitational theories

Double holography in string theory

We develop the notion of double holography in Type IIB string theory realizations of braneworld models. The Type IIB setups are based on the holographic duals of 4d BCFTs comprising 4d N = 4 SYM on a



Quantum extremal islands made easy. Part I. Entanglement on the brane

Recent progress in our understanding of the black hole information paradox has lead to a new prescription for calculating entanglement entropies, which involves special subsystems in regions where

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We propose a codimension-two holography between a gravitational theory on a d+1 dimensional wedge spacetime and a d-1 dimensional CFT which lives on the corner of the wedge. Formulating this as a

Quantum extremal surfaces: holographic entanglement entropy beyond the classical regime

A bstractWe propose that holographic entanglement entropy can be calculated at arbitrary orders in the bulk Planck constant using the concept of a “quantum extremal surface”: a surface which

and P

    Time evolution of entanglement entropy from black hole interiors

    A bstractWe compute the time-dependent entanglement entropy of a CFT which starts in relatively simple initial states. The initial states are the thermofield double for thermal states, dual to

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    We comment on the role of the graviton mass in recent calculations of the Page curve using holographic ideas. All reliable calculations of the Page curve in more than 2+1 spacetime dimensions have

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    We discuss holographic models of extremal and non-extremal black holes in contact with a bath in d dimensions, based on a brane world model introduced in arXiv:2006.04851. The main benefit of our

    An exact construction of codimension two holography

    Recently, a codimension two holography called wedge holography is proposed as a generalization of AdS/CFT. It is conjectured that a gravitational theory in d + 1 dimensional wedge spacetime is dual

    NIST Digital Library of Mathematical Functions

    • D. Lozier
    • Computer Science
      Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence
    • 2004
    The National Institute of Standards and Technology is preparing a Digital Library of Mathematical Functions (DLMF) to provide useful data about special functions for a wide audience. The initial

    The Holographic Nature of Null Infinity

    We argue that, in a theory of quantum gravity in a four dimensional asymptotically flat spacetime, all information about massless excitations can be obtained from an infinitesimal neighbourhood of