Information Technology and the World Economy

  title={Information Technology and the World Economy},
  author={Dale W. Jorgenson and Khuong Minh Vu},
  journal={Emerging Markets: Finance},
This paper addresses the impact of investment in information technology (IT) on the recent resurgence of world economic growth. We describe the growth of the world economy, seven regions and 14 major economies during the period 1989–2003. We allocate the growth of world output between input growth and productivity and find, surprisingly, that input growth greatly predominates! The contributions of IT investment have increased in all regions, but especially in industrialized economies and… 
In this paper we compare the impact of hardware, software, and communication equipment, widely referred to as information and communication technologies (ICT), on economic growth among the advanced
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A new framework for projecting potential world economic growth, taking into account the critical contribution of information and technology is introduced, to project the potential growth of labor productivity, GDP, and per capita GDP over the ten-year period 2006-2016 for 122 economies.
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Since 1995, information and communication technologies (ICT) have contributed to faster GDP and labour productivity growth in a number of developed countries, particularly the US. This has been shown
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The contribution of information and communication technologies to growth leads to many discussions nourished by analyses characterised by significant methodological difficulties. For instance,
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Information Technology and the G7 Economies
  • D. Jorgenson
  • Economics, Computer Science
    Managing in the Information Economy
  • 2007
A powerful surge in investment in information technology and equipment after 1995 characterizes all of the G7 economies. This accounts for a large portion of the resurgence in US economic growth, but
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The "killer application" of the new framework for productivity measurement presented in this paper is the impact of information technology (IT) on economic growth. A consensus has emerged that the
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