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Information Retrieval - Implementing and Evaluating Search Engines

  title={Information Retrieval - Implementing and Evaluating Search Engines},
  author={Stefan B{\"u}ttcher and Charles L. A. Clarke and Gordon V. Cormack},
Information retrieval is the foundation for modern search engines. [] Key Result In addition to its classroom use, Information Retrieval will be a valuable reference for professionals in computer science, computer engineering, and software engineering.
The Effects of Index Storage on Ranked Information Retrieval
This investigation looks at implementing an inverted index as a table in a database as compared to the other two options and the optimal combination of inverted index implementation to retrieval algorithms such as TD-IDF, Best Match 25, and a unigram model with Jelinek-Mercer smoothing.
Information Retrieval and Search Engines
The problem of Web search has many additional challenges, such as the collection of Web resources, the organization of these resources, and the use of hyperlinks to aid the search.
Effective focused retrieval by exploiting query context and document structure
This thesis finds that word clouds can to a certain degree quickly convey the topic and relevance of a set of search results and exploits the structure of Wikipedia to rank entities on the general Web.
Towards the Semantic Text Retrieval for Indonesian Autoreferat
Information retrieval is concerned with representing, searching, and manipulating large collections of electronic text and other human-language data and the output of information retrieval system (IRS) will be an ordered list of documents considered pertinent to the query at hand.
A Survey of Information Retrieval Techniques
The results of this survey revealed that the current information retrieval models fall short of the expectations in one way or the other, and are not ideal for high precision information retrieval applications.
Teaching Web Information Retrieval and Network Communications Undergraduate Courses in IT Curriculum
This paper surveys the undergraduate courses in two curriculum areas, computer networks and web information retrieval, and describes the authors' experiences in teaching such courses to undergraduate students in various discipline areas including computer science majors, IT majors, and non-technical majors.
Efficient Query Processing for Scalable Web Search
This survey comprehensively reviews the foundations of search engines, from index layouts to basic term-at-a-time (TAAT) and document-at a- time (DAAT) query processing strategies, while providing the latest trends in the literature in efficient query processing, including the coherent and systematic reviews of techniques such as dynamic pruning and impact-sorted posting lists as well as their variants and optimisations.
Classical and Probabilistic Information Retrieval Techniques: An Audit
A survey of the probabilistic, fuzzy set, vector space, and boolean models for information retrieval showed that the existing model for knowledge recovery is somewhere short of what was planned.
An Improved and Intelligent Boolean Model for Scientific Text Information Retrieval
This work has proposed an IR system, equipped with features of OR search and OR+Stemming search, whose better exploring abilities facilitate search for constituent and stemmed constituent terms.