Information Overload: Causes, Consequences and Remedies - A Study

  title={Information Overload: Causes, Consequences and Remedies - A Study},
  author={Kazi Mostak Gausul Hoq},
Information overload, usually characterized by an over abundance of information, is a major cause of concern for general information users, researchers and information managers. With the advent of new technological innovations, the rate of information production has accelerated rapidly. Consequently, people are suffering from an ‘information glut’, which makes it difficult for them to find the required information quickly and conveniently from various print, electronic and online sources. The… Expand
The Influence of Information Overload on Studentsâ Academic Performance
The aim of this paper is to propose a framework regarding the influence of information overload on the student’s academic performance and outlines people, task, technology and information as the influence. Expand
Conceptualizing Perceived Infollution Processing and Management and Its Consequence on Employee Well-Being
As the nation has driven towards knowledge economy country, information has become an asset to be utilized as competitive resources in most organizations. Information technology has revolutionizedExpand
Solution for Information Overload Using Faceted Search–A Review
A large scale quantitative study for articles dealing with information overloading; faceted search; and filtering the data in three major databases, namely, Web of Science, ScienceDirect, and IEEE Explore, shows that the dynamic faceted filters are more efficient to reduce the information overload. Expand
Information Preparation with the Human in the Loop
This thesis proposes an interactive summarization loop to iteratively create and refine multi-document summaries based on the users’ feedback and investigates sampling strategies based on active machine learning and joint optimization to reduce the number of iterations and the amount of user feedback required. Expand
The Role of Managers in Handling Information Overload in The Information Society Era: A Case Study of GCB Bank, Ghana
The society today is all about information and the one who has access to quality information has the power. Information has become the main thrust of many people's lives and the world that once,Expand
The moderating effects of information overload and academic procrastination on the information avoidance behavior among Filipino undergraduate thesis writers
A model that examines the moderating effect of information overload and academic procrastination on the information avoidance behavior among Filipino undergraduate thesis writers shows that when students have a positive attitude towards reading, they are more likely to employ better reading strategies and the less likely they are to exhibit information avoidance. Expand
The Influence of Infobesity on the Information Seeking Behaviour of Undergraduate Students in Tangaza University College
Infobesity is the condition of individuals who exhibit difficulty in understanding issues and effectively making decisions because they have too much information about that issue. Persons who sufferExpand
Exploring information avoidance intention of social media users: a cognition-affect-conation perspective
A model to investigate the antecedents of information avoidance in social media using structural equation modeling (SEM) is developed to explore how perceived information overload affects the information avoidance intention of social media users through fatigue, frustration and dissatisfaction. Expand
Towards Semantic Web-Based Information Retrieval to solve Information Overload in an Applied Gaming Ecosystem
This work proposes a novel software architecture that combines NLP (by mean of Named Entity Recognition) and Domain Ontology to support searching and browsing (faceted-search), as well as reasoning about named entities on the Semantic Web. Expand
A Literature Survey on Recommendation Systems for Scientific Articles
Researchers consume a lot of time searching for relevant resources for their research. This slows down the research process and reduces the researchers’ productivity. Nowadays, Recommender SystemsExpand


Information Overload: An International Challenge for Professional Engineers and Technical Communicators
A unique approach to information overload, combining theory and practical solutionsWritten and edited by an international group of experts from academia and industry, Information Overload clearlyExpand
Information Overload in a Groupware Environment: Now You See It, Now You Don't
This research investigated how information load, human processing capacity, and control over communication interact in a groupware mediated environment and the net effect of these factors on information overload. Expand
Troubles with information overload-Moving from quantity to quality in information provision
The authors view the phenomenon of information overload as a result of a general failure in the business community to recognize the ways in which information processes add value to information. TheyExpand
The problem of information overload in business organisations: a review of the literature
The literature reveals that although the problem of information overload has existed for many years, in recent years the problem has become more widely recognised and experienced and the effects have been exacerbated by the rapid advances made in information and communication technology. Expand
Information overload in marketing management
Developments in information and communication technology have facilitated the generation of management information considerably. Thus, managers are confronted increasingly with an information floodExpand
The dark side of information: overload, anxiety and other paradoxes and pathologies
The article considers the changing contexts of information communication, with some caveats about the identification of `pathologies of information', and analyses the changes over time in the way in which issues of the quantity and quality of information available have been regarded. Expand
Information overload, retrieval strategies and Internet user empowerment
Initial user benefits from search engine technology have been critically degraded over time by the rapid increase of Internet pages. Traditional retrieval strategies therefore yield increasingly poorExpand
Information overload: why some people seem to suffer more than others
The results show that the extent to which people suffer from information overload is closely related to the strategies they use to deal with it. Expand
The complete information literacy? Unforgetting creation and organization of information
The notion of information literacy is developed with a specific focus on integrating creation and organization of information as central aspects of being information literate and the implications of developing information creation processes from the point of view of information professionals and users are discussed. Expand
Possible solutions to information overload
Since the advent of the printing press, there has been increasing pressure on individuals to keep abreast and in control of masses of information. The Internet has compounded the situation byExpand