Information, Interactivity, and Social Media

  title={Information, Interactivity, and Social Media},
  author={Y. Ariel and Ruth Avidar},
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The aim of this paper is to provide a conceptual theoretical framework to the term “social” in a social media context. This is done by exploring the relationship between three central terms in a social media environment: information, interactivity, and sociability. We suggest a model that describes the relations between these terms in a social media context. As the model suggests, information is the basic unit of a communication process, but social media users are the ones that decide whether… Expand
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Toward a normative social media theory for public relations
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Features to Improve The Interactivity of Government’s Post on Social Media
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Defining Social Media…It’s Complicated
This chapter deals with the seemingly simple but surprisingly complex task of defining social media. We begin with a discussion of what social media isn’t, working through some of the common andExpand
ICT-enabled Modelling of SNS Learning Community
By creating, hosting, and managing a similar-interest user group, ICT-enabled model provides a complete set of tightly-integrated social networking services to generate learning productivity in the learning community by allowing students the opportunity for real-time learning and higher levels of class involvement and participation. Expand
The Presentation of Selfie in Everyday Life: Considering the Relationship Between Social Media Design and User in the Online Actions and Interactions of Young People
It was found that online social interactions are increasingly nuanced and multi-faceted, and therefore an approach towards analyzing interactions online needs to account for the interplay between design and user from which unique and ongoing interactions emerge. Expand
A new culture of advocacy: An exploratory analysis of social activism on the web and social media
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User Engagement with Social Media, Implication on the Library Usage: A Case of Selected Public and Academic Libraries in Malaysia
The mainstream use of social media has impacted the library as it has been identified to be an efficient platform for libraries to foster networking and enhance engagement with their user community.Expand
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Interactivity in Society: Locating an Elusive Concept
  • E. Bucy
  • Psychology, Computer Science
  • Inf. Soc.
  • 2004
A model of interactivity is proposed to initiate discussion about the concept as a cross-level and multivalent phenomenon—one with both positive and negative consequences—and to spur more socially relevant research. Expand
Interactivity in society: Locating an elusive concept : Where interactivity resides
Interactivity has been identified as a core concept of new media, yet despite nearly three decades of study and analysis, we scarcely know what interactivity is, let alone what it does, and haveExpand
Theorizing Interactivity's Effects
It is made the case that interactivity is an attribute of the technology and not that of the user, and calls for the consideration of ontological aspects that constitute interactivity while specifying its social and psychological effects. Expand
What Interactivity Means to the User Essential Insights into and a Scale for Perceived Interactivity
This study provides an in-depth investigation into the perception component of interactivity and develops a compact scale for its measurement, which generally validate the existing constructs, yet provides additional insights into the relevant contexts and the subjective significance of different aspects of interactivities. Expand
Interactivity-as-Product and Interactivity-as-Process
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Theorizing interactivity's effects : Where interactivity resides
Noting that interactivity is often defined but seldom theorized in the literature, this article provides some pointers for developing theories about effects of interactivity, particularly as itExpand
Interactivity-as-product and interactivity-as-process : Where interactivity resides
This article attempts to clarify the murky conceptual water of interactivity, arguing that the term refers to two distinct phenomena: interactivity between people and interactivity between people andExpand