Informal care provision across multiple generations in China

  title={Informal care provision across multiple generations in China},
  author={Jane Falkingham and Maria Evandrou and Min Qin and Athina Vlachantoni},
  journal={Ageing and Society},
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Abstract With increasing life expectancy, changes in family structure and, most recently, the relaxation of the hitherto strict family planning policies, understanding how mid-life individuals support multiple generations, particularly their older parents and younger grandchildren, is of increasing research and policy significance in China. This paper analyses data from the 2011 China Health and Retirement Longitudinal Study (CHARLS) to examine the characteristics of Chinese mid-life… 

Intergenerational Caregiving Patterns, Living Arrangements, and Life Satisfaction of Adults in Mid and Later Life in China

Enhanced life satisfaction of grandchild caregivers and sandwich caregivers caring for both grandchildren and parents than non-caregivers is documented and suggests that females and rural residents enjoy psychological advantages over male counterparts and urban counterparts in grandparenting within skipped-generation households and sandwich caregiving.

The Impact of Living Arrangements and Intergenerational Support on the Health Status of Older People in China

It is shown that it is important to improve the level of public economic transfers and public social care towards vulnerable older people in rural areas, and more emphasis should be placed on improving the psychological wellbeing of urban older residents, such as with the early diagnosis of depression.

Constraints that discourage participation in the labour market by female carers of older relatives in Santiago, Chile.

The reasons why in Latin America adult children remain out of the labour force while caring for an older parent or parent-in-law who has support needs are explored.

Attitudes and preferences towards future old-age support amongst tomorrow’s elders in China

Attitudes and preferences towards old-age support are shaped by relations within the family, which in turn are affected by broader historical and contemporary social, economic, and cultural conditions.

Older parents and filial support obligations: a comparison of family solidarity norms between native and immigrant populations in Italy

Abstract Although older migrants in Southern Europe are increasing in number, relatively little attention has been paid to their care needs and resources. The availability of informal care is an

Comparison of Socioeconomic Characteristics between Childless and Procreative Couples after Implementation of the Two-Child Policy in Inner Mongolia, China

Objective: In the context of China’s “two-child” policy, this study aims to compare socio-demographic characteristics and attitudes towards the desired number of children among couples of different

Family Care, Economic Stress, and Depressive Symptoms Among Chinese Adults During the COVID-19 Outbreak: Difference by Urban and Rural Areas

The findings suggest that the family caregiver's mental health during the COVID-19 outbreak should be paid more attention, especially for sandwich-generation caregivers and rural elderly caregivers.

Sociodemographic and COVID-Related Predictors for Mental Health Condition of Mainland Chinese in Canada Amidst the Pandemic

The results shed light on the understanding of the major factors associated with the mental health condition of Mainland Chinese in Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic and identify possible predictors to be entered into the subsequent regression models.

Non-Pathological Psychological Distress among Mainland Chinese in Canada and Its Sociodemographic Risk Factors amidst the Pandemic

Mainland Chinese in Canada who were over 25, in poor financial/health status, or with perceived/experienced discrimination were at a higher risk for COVID-19-related psychological distress, and the health inequity across these factors would inform the services to mitigate mental health risk in minority groups.



Caught in the middle in mid-life: provision of care across multiple generations

Abstract With a large baby-boomer generation entering mid-later life in the United Kingdom, and families spanning across multiple generations, understanding how individuals support multiple

The dynamics of social care and employment in mid-life

ABSTRACT This study investigates the relationship between the provision of informal care to older parents/parents-in-law and the employment status of adult children in mid-life. The study analyses

The health implications of grandparents caring for grandchildren in China.

  • Feinian ChenGuangya Liu
  • Medicine, Education
    The journals of gerontology. Series B, Psychological sciences and social sciences
  • 2012
The findings suggest that grandchild care does not have a universally beneficial or detrimental effect on health, but rather its effect depends on the form and level of caregiving and is further shaped by individual characteristics, as well as normative and structural contexts.

Relationships between parents and their adult children: a West European typology of late-life families

ABSTRACT Following Reher's (1998) seminal paper on family ties in western Europe, the perspective that family solidarity patterns are divided between an individualistic north and a famialistic south

Receipt of informal care in the Chinese older population

ABSTRACT This paper examines the factors affecting the receipt of informal care among older people in China. It uses the second wave data of the China Health and Retirement Longitudinal Survey, which

Between elderly parents and adult children: a new look at the intergenerational care provided by the ‘sandwich generation’

Analysis of data from two broadly comparable national surveys on the care provided by women aged 55–69 years to their descendent and ascendent relatives broadly support the solidarity hypothesis, but provide some evidence that having three or more children is associated with a reduced likelihood of providing help to a parent.

Multiple role occupancy in midlife: balancing work and family life in Britain.

The extent of multiple-role occupancy among midlife individuals in Britain in cross-section and over the life course is investigated, focusing on work and family commitments, to inform debate on how policy can best aid those endeavouring to balance paid work, family life, and caring responsibilities.

The impact of out-migration on the inter-generational support and psychological wellbeing of older adults in rural China

ABSTRACT This paper examines the impact of the out-migration of adult children on older parents' inter-generational support and psychological wellbeing in rural China. The sample comprised 1,237


The analyses provide compelling evidence of the influential role of family planning policies in reducing higher Parity Progression Ratios across different sub-populations, particularly in urban China where fertility dropped to replacement level even before the implementation of the One-Child policy.

Transitions in marital status and functional health and patterns of intergenerational coresidence among China's elderly population.

  • K. KorinekZ. ZimmerD. Gu
  • Medicine
    The journals of gerontology. Series B, Psychological sciences and social sciences
  • 2011
Among older adults coresiding with grandchildren, shifts to coresidence with own children following widowhood and worsened functional health are attenuated, suggesting that skip generation households may be supportive arrangements for older adults.