InfoMonitor: unobtrusively archiving a World Wide Web server


It is important to provide long-term preservation of digital data even when those data are stored in an unreliable system such as a filesystem, a legacy database, or even the World Wide Web. In this paper we focus on the problem of archiving the contents of a Web site without disrupting users who maintain the site. We propose an archival storage system, the InfoMonitor, in which a reliable archive is integrated with an unmodified existing store. Implementing such a system presents various challenges related to the mismatch of features between the components such as differences in naming and data manipulation operations. We examine each of these issues as well as solutions for the conflicts that arise. We also discuss our experience using the InfoMonitor to archive the Stanford Database Group’s Web site.

DOI: 10.1007/s00799-003-0052-x

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@article{Cooper2003InfoMonitorUA, title={InfoMonitor: unobtrusively archiving a World Wide Web server}, author={Brian F. Cooper and Hector Garcia-Molina}, journal={International Journal on Digital Libraries}, year={2003}, volume={5}, pages={106-119} }