Influenza at Christ's Hospital: March, 1974.

  title={Influenza at Christ's Hospital: March, 1974.},
  author={Trevor Hoskins and Justin E. Davies and Alyson J. Smith and A Allchin and Cathie L. Miller and Tim Pollock},
  volume={1 7951},
Boys in a boarding-school given inactivated influenza-A or influenza-B vaccine have been observed during a simultaneous outbreak of influenza due to A/Port Chalmers, B/Hong Kong, and B/Intermediate strains. Influenza-B vaccine conferred substantial protection, the attack-rates in boys given B vaccine being 24% compared with 45% in a control group. A/Hong Kong vaccine, by preventing infection during the previous influenza A/England outbreak, left the boys vulnerable to influenza A/Port Chalmers… CONTINUE READING

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