Influenza A virus recycling revisited.

  title={Influenza A virus recycling revisited.},
  author={Walter R. Dowdle},
  journal={Bulletin of the World Health Organization},
  volume={77 10},
Current textbooks link influenza pandemics to influenza A virus subtypes H2 (1889-91), H3 (1990), H1 (1918-20), H2 (1957-58) and H3 (1968), a pattern suggesting subtype recycling in humans. Since H1 reappeared in 1977, whatever its origin, some workers feel that H2 is the next pandemic candidate. This report reviews the publications on which the concept of influenza A virus subtype recycling is based and concludes that the data are inconsistent with the purported sequence of events. The three… CONTINUE READING
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