Influencing the success of spreadsheet development by novice users

  title={Influencing the success of spreadsheet development by novice users},
  author={Timothy G. Babbitt and Dennis F. Galletta and Alexandre B. Lopes},
  booktitle={ICIS '98},
Spreadsheets have become commonplace, facilitating decision-making at all levels in most organizations. Their ease of use is unfortunately accompanied by an abundance of errors, which some researchers have discovered to reach the magnitude of billions of dollars. There are two main streams of research in this area. One focuses on the categorization of and extent to which errors are made, and the other focuses on detection of those errors. The error detection studies have found that errors are… Expand
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Spreadsheet knowledge: An exploratory study
A study to investigate the role of spreadsheet knowledge in the successful use of spreadsheet applications found it to require sufficient knowledge to understand and, if necessary, alter the application. Expand
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The results of this study suggest that end users with little experience may erroneously consider the applications they develop to be of high quality. Expand
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A comparative performance analysis of artificial Neural networks, MDA and chance showed that artificial neural networks predict better in both training and testing phases, and are promising as an alternative to traditional analytic tools like MDA. Expand


An empirical study of spreadsheet error-finding performance
While CPAs were more accurate than non-CPAs in finding accounting-related errors, spreadsheet experts did not outperform novices in finding spreadsheet formula errors, and while spreadsheet expertise contributed to greater speed, accounting expertise did not. Expand
What we know about spreadsheet errors
Although spreadsheet programs are used for small "scratchpad" applications, they are also used to develop many large applications, and error rates are in line with those in programming and other human cognitive domains. Expand
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The pervasiveness and impact of electronic spreadsheets have generated serious concerns about their integrity and validity when used in significant decision-making settings. Previous studies haveExpand
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An investigation was conducted into the spreadsheet practices in ten firms, with an emphasis on the process of building spreadsheet models, and showed that spreadsheet models were usually built in an informal, iterative manner, by people from all organizational levels. Expand
How to Make Spreadsheets Error-Proof
It's possible to make spreadsheets not only virtually error-proof, but easier to use and more understandable, and to exploit the three-dimensional capabilities of today's popular spreadsheets--using multiple worksheets in the same file. Expand
The role of OR specialists in 'do it yourself' spreadsheet development
The OR professional has an important new role to play in supporting DIY-SS by guiding the DIY developer by presenting a set of 20 guidelines to help the OR specialist guide the DIYer to ‘scope’ any proposed SS. Expand
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The significance to the management of end-user computing of tolerating a high level of risk is discussed and the need for an end- user spreadsheet control model is established. Expand
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This paper presents an integrated testing and debugging methodology for spreadsheets that is tightly integrated into the spreadsheet environment and provides an interface to the methodology that does not require an understanding of testing and debug theory, and that takes advantage of the immediate visual feedback that is characteristic of the spreadsheet paradigm. Expand
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Undergraduate MIS business students developed and debugged a spreadsheet model from a word problem that consisted of a bid to build a wall to address the concern that past spreadsheet experiments may have used problems that were too difficult or that required domain knowledge that subjects did not have. Expand
An experimental study of people creating spreadsheets
It was found that experienced spreadsheet users spend a large percentage of their time using the cursor keys, primarily for the purpose of moving the cursor around the spreadsheet. Expand