Influences of food-name labels on perceived tastes.

  title={Influences of food-name labels on perceived tastes.},
  author={Masako Okamoto and Y. Wada and Yui Yamaguchi and Atsushi Kimura and Haruka Dan and Tomohiro Masuda and Archana K. Singh and Lester Clowney and I. Dan},
  journal={Chemical senses},
  volume={34 3},
We examined whether food identity information presented as name labels would influence perception of basic tastes. To test this hypothesis, we used 10 aqueous taste solutions consisting of 2-3 of the 5 basic tastes in different ratios and presented them with one of these food names: "lemon," "coffee jelly," "caramel candy," and "consomme soup." Forty-six participants tasted samples presented with either food-name labels or random number labels. We found that participants who tasted samples with… CONTINUE READING