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Influences of ALD Al$_2$O$_3$ on the surface band-bending of c-plane, Ga-face GaN and the implication to GaN-collector npn heterojunction bipolar transistors

  title={Influences of ALD Al\$\_2\$O\$\_3\$ on the surface band-bending of c-plane, Ga-face GaN and the implication to GaN-collector npn heterojunction bipolar transistors},
  author={Jiarui Gong and Jisoo Kim and Tien K. Ng and Kuangye Lu and Donghyeok Kim and Jie Zhou and Dong Liu and Jeehwan Kim and Boon Siew Ooi and Zhenqiang Jack Ma},
  • Jiarui Gong, Jisoo Kim, +7 authors Z. Ma
  • Published 10 September 2021
  • Physics
Due to the lack of effective p-type doping in GaN and the adverse effects of surface band-bending of GaN on electron transport, developing practical GaN heterojunction bipolar transistors has been impossible. The recently demonstrated approach of grafting n-type GaN with p-type semiconductors, like Si and GaAs, by employing ultrathin (UO) Al2O3 at the interface of Si/GaN and GaAs/GaN, has shown the feasibility to overcome the poor p-type doping challenge of GaN by providing epitaxy-like… Expand

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