Influence of water content on degradation rates for ethanol in biofiltration.

  title={Influence of water content on degradation rates for ethanol in biofiltration.},
  author={Riccardo D Auria and A C Aycaguer and Joseph S. Devinny},
  journal={Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association},
  volume={48 1},
Treatment of ethanol vapor in a peat biofilter with various initial water contents (70%, 59%, 49%, and 35%) was studied. For water contents ranging from 49% to 70%, elimination capacity was about 30 g/m3/h. For a water content of 35%, elimination capacity decreased to 4 g/m3/h. A low mean CO2 yield coefficient (0.35 g CO2 produced per g ethanol consumed) was found for all of the initial water contents. The value was only 20% of the yield coefficient (1.91 g/g) predicted by stoichiometry. When… CONTINUE READING

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