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Influence of the beta-blocking atenolol and other medications on visual reaction time.

  title={Influence of the beta-blocking atenolol and other medications on visual reaction time.},
  author={D. Harms and E Pachale and D Nechvatal},
  journal={Aviation, space, and environmental medicine},
  volume={52 11 Pt 2},
Visual reaction time as a measure of vigilance and of the psychophysiological condition of subjects, was determined after combined physical and mental stress to examine the influence of beta blockade. Using the technique of electro-oculography, 40 subjects aged 25.7 +/- 6 years, with a mean blood pressure of 126/79 torr, were studied in a double-blind crossover design after application of placebo or 50 mg atenolol for 3 d. Visual reaction time was defined as the time between display of a… 
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From both studies it is concluded that atenolol does not impair either reaction times or concentration.
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