Influence of substrate structure on cleavage by hammerhead ribozyme.

  title={Influence of substrate structure on cleavage by hammerhead ribozyme.},
  author={D Scarabino and Glauco P. Tocchini-Valentini},
  journal={FEBS letters},
  volume={383 3},
We compared the cleavage by a hammerhead ribozyme of a wild-type precursor tRNA (pre-tRNA leu(3)) and a structurally altered mutant form. We also analyzed the cleavage reactions of these tRNAs catalyzed by a ribozyme variant that was designed to complement the mutant precursor tRNA. Kinetic analyses reveal that the kcat values are nearly the same for the wild-type and the mutant substrate RNAs. However, the Km values differ considerably, being higher for the wild-type substrate. Thus, the… CONTINUE READING