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Influence of substituted phenethylamines on lipolysis, in vitro. III. Stereoselectivity.

  title={Influence of substituted phenethylamines on lipolysis, in vitro. III. Stereoselectivity.},
  author={O. Lee and G. Bescak and D. Miller and D. Feller},
  journal={The Journal of pharmacology and experimental therapeutics},
  volume={190 2},
  • O. Lee, G. Bescak, +1 author D. Feller
  • Published 1974
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • The Journal of pharmacology and experimental therapeutics
Investigations were undertaken to establish the steric interaction of phenethylamines on the release of glycerol from rat adipose tissue, in vitro . Primary emphasis was placed upon stereoselectivity at the asymmetric α-and/or β-carbon of the ethylamino side chain. Both stereoisomers of norepinephrine, α-methyldopamine, nordefrin, metaraminol and soterenol were found to increase glycerol release, whereas the isomers of ephedrine, norephedrine, amphetamine, methamphetamine and p… Expand
Potentiation of the thermogenic antiobesity effects of ephedrine by dietary methylxanthines: adenosine antagonism or phosphodiesterase inhibition?
Evidence is provided here that at concentrations compatible with therapeutic doses, the ability of methylxanthines to potentiate the thermogenic effect of the sympathomimetic drug, ephedrine, involves a minor contribution of adenosine antagonism, but could mainly be explained by the inhibition of PDE activity. Expand
Pharmacological Effects of Ephedrine Alkaloids on Human α1- and α2-Adrenergic Receptor Subtypes
Ephedra species of plants have both beneficial and adverse effects primarily associated with the presence of ephedrine alkaloids. Few reports have appeared that examine the direct actions ofExpand
Thermogenic and anorectic effects of ephedrine and congeners in mice and rats.
The most potent anorectic and thermogenic compounds had the S configuration at the C-2 position but the orders of potencies for the compounds for anorexia and thermogenesis were not identical. Expand
Prolonged beta-adrenoceptor stimulation increases the amount of GDP-binding protein in brown adipose tissue mitochondria.
It is suggested that prolonged stimulation of beta-adrenoceptors, probably in BAT, but possibly also in other tissues, is sufficient to produce a selective increase in GDP-binding protein inBAT, and it is unnecessary to invoke any factor that is not a consequence of Beta- adrenoceptor stimulation to explain the effect of cold. Expand
Chemistry of Alpha- and Beta-Adrenoceptor Agonists and Antagonists
Receptors are the specific cellular structures with which drugs and hormones first interact (Lefkowitz, 1976a). They may be located at the cell surface or within the cell and they perform twoExpand
Identification of the (+)and(-)Ephedrine Used by THz-TDS
The (1R,2S)- and (1S,2R)-ephedrine hydrochloride are invested used by the THz-TDS from 0.5 ~1.8 THz at room temperature. Their different characteristic THz absorption peaks are detected, and can beExpand