Influence of spatial mapping on manual aiming asymmetries.

  title={Influence of spatial mapping on manual aiming asymmetries.},
  author={Brian K. V. Maraj and Digby J Elliott and James Lyons and Eric A. Roy and T J Winchester},
  journal={Perceptual and motor skills},
  volume={86 3 Pt 1},
Two experiments were conducted to examine manual asymmetries in a one-dimensional aiming task. In Exp. 1, 10 right-handed adults slid a computer mouse 13 cm on a graphics tablet with both the right and left hands to targets of 3 different diameters. Under these conditions, the movement time for the right hand was significantly faster as expected. In Exp. 2, subjects performed similar movements to move a cursor 13 cm on a computer monitor. Thus the study was identical except the stimulus… CONTINUE READING