Influence of soil pollution on the composition of a microbial community

  title={Influence of soil pollution on the composition of a microbial community},
  author={Alexey V Panov and Tatiyana Z Esikova and Sergey L. Sokolov and Irina A. Kosheleva and Alexander M. Boronin},
The abundance dynamics and composition of indigenous soil microbial communities were studied in soils polluted with naphthalene, dioctyl phthalate, diesel fuel, and crude oil. DGGE analysis of the 16S rRNA genes amplified from the total soil DNA revealed that the bacterial community of uncontaminated soil was more diverse and included no dominant species. In the soil samples polluted with the crude oil, diesel fuel, or dioctyl phthalate, Pseudomonas became the dominant bacteria since the third… CONTINUE READING


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