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Influence of rootstocks on size distribution and fruit quality of sweet cherry cultivars

  title={Influence of rootstocks on size distribution and fruit quality of sweet cherry cultivars},
  author={Iwona Szot and Mekjell Meland},
  journal={International Agrophysics},
In thecherry rootstock trials at Ullensvang, Norway the following quality prameters of sweet cherry cultivars: Van, Ulster and Burlat on seedling, Colt and Gisela 5 were evalua- ted: mean fruit weight, content of soluble solids, acidity, flesh firmness and percentage of fruit in individual size classes. The above quality parameters fluctuated markedly during the experi- mental summer period of 1998. Individual cultivars responded in various ways to the kind of rootstock. The kind of rootstock… 

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In this study, the effect of Gisel A®5 with GiselA®6, and P. mahaleb L seedling rootstock on vegetative growth, yield, phenological, pomological and morphological characteristics of Sweet Cherry 0900 cultivar was investigated.

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