Influence of resin properties to resist performance at ArF lithography

  title={Influence of resin properties to resist performance at ArF lithography},
  author={Sangwoong Yoon and Myung-Sun Kim and Hong Lee and Do-young Kim and Young-Hoon Kim and Boo Deuk Kim and Jae-Hyun Kim and Kyung-Mee O. Kim and S. Y. Lee and Young-ho Kim and Sang-mun Chon},
  booktitle={SPIE Advanced Lithography},
The ArF resist has been evaluated focusing on resin character such as molecular weight, monomer composition and polydispersity (Pd). The resin properties were investigated to elucidate that which parameter was affected to the line edge roughness (LER). The Pd was correlated with LER. As the Pd was large, the LER was small. The resin molecular weight and monomer composition were affected to their vertical profile. Low molecular weight portion rich resin resulted in round and t-top profile… CONTINUE READING