Influence of red jersey color on physical parameters in combat sports.

  title={Influence of red jersey color on physical parameters in combat sports.},
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Hill and Barton (2005) showed that fighters in tae kwon do, boxing, and wrestling who wore red jerseys during the 2004 Olympic Games won more often than those wearing blue jerseys. Regarding these results, this study investigated the effects of jersey color during a combat situation on fighters' physical parameters of strength and heart rate. An artificial, experimental combat situation was created in which the color of sport attire was assigned randomly. Fourteen pairs of male athletes matched… 
Effect of Uniform Color on Outcome of Match at Senior World Wrestling Championships 2015
ABSTRACT Published research after the 2004 Olympic Games indicated that in the combat sports of boxing, taekwondo, Greco-Roman wrestling, and freestyle wrestling, the combatants in red won more often
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The purpose of the present study is to elucidate the relationship between performance impacts of red and blue colors on uniforms of young boxers and competition results. The study universe was
Does Blue Uniform Color Enhance Winning Probability in Judo Contests?
There is no winning bias in judo and the lack of a significant win effect of judogi color suggests that blue does not bias winning in Judo, and that the blue-white pairing ensures an equal level of play.
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Introduction: Wushu Sanda is a mixed orientation combat sport in which athletes duel wearing red or black clothes. Despite its popularity, the knowledge about its technical and psychophysiological
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Abstract Objectives The aim of the study was to question whether uniform color had any impact on judging tackles in football. Design Fifty-two videos showing the tackles of an achromatic and a
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While colour of red can play a significant role in altering human perception and performances, little is known about its perceptual-motor effect on running mechanics. This study examined the effects
Effect of Red Arch-Support Insoles on Subjective Comfort and Movement Biomechanics in Various Landing Heights
  • Yi Wang, W. Lam, C. Cheung, A. Leung
  • Psychology, Medicine
    International journal of environmental research and public health
  • 2020
Foot insoles might have influenced comfort perception and joint kinetics, but not joint kinematics, and the use of red color in foot insoles could potentially maximize the effectiveness of foot insole in a way that alterscomfort perception and motor control during landing, with implications for injury.
Competitive Cycling and Doping: Proposing a Functional Analysis Based on the Color Yellow.
It is demonstrated in three experiments that yellow impacts on social perceptions when associated with competitive cycling and no significant differences emerged for gender, thereby suggesting equivalent effects for female and male participants.
The influence of red colouration on human perception of aggression and dominance in neutral settings
For both humans and nonhuman species, there is evidence that red colouration signals both emotional states (arousal/anger) and biological traits (dominance, health, and testosterone). The presence
Do Red and Blue Uniforms Matter in Football and Handball Penalties?
The study contradicts any positive effect of red versus blue uniforms in the context of football and handball penalties, which emphasizes the need of searching for potential moderators of color's impact on human behavior.


Testosterone and human performance: influence of the color red
  • A. Hackney
  • Medicine
    European Journal of Applied Physiology
  • 2005
It is suggested that the wearing of red-colored apparel had no affects on the testosterone responses to an exercise bout simulating a competition.
Red shirt colour is associated with long-term team success in English football
The effects on long-term success have consequences for colour selection in team sports, confirm that wearing red enhances performance in a variety of competitive contexts, and provide further impetus for studies of the mechanisms underlying these effects.
Sporting contests: Seeing red? Putting sportswear in context (reply)
E10 The shirt colour worn by sportsmen can affect the behaviour of the competitors 1,2 , but Hill and Barton 3 show that it may also influence the outcome of contests. By analysing the results of
No effect of blue on winning contests in judo
It is argued that there is no colour effect on winning in judo, and alternative factors, namely allocation biases, asymmetries in prior experience and differences in recovery time are possible confounding factors in the analysis.
Red is a distractor for men in competition
When the Referee Sees Red …
It is believed that it is the referees who are the actual cause of the advantage competitors have when they wear red, because the effect of red clothing on performance and on the decisions of referees may well have been confounded in the original data.
Sporting contests: Seeing red? Putting sportswear in context
Another data set from the 2004 Olympics is used to show that similar winning biases occur in contests in which neither contestant wears red, indicating that a different mechanism may be responsible for these effects.
Better to Be Red than Blue in Virtual Competition
The performance of red and blue teams in a popular multiplayer first-person-shooter computer game suggests that joining the red team may offer a slight advantage over the blue team in virtual competition, and this should be accounted for when designing FPS games.
The influence of red on perceptions of relative dominance and threat in a competitive context.
Analysis of whether red influences perceptions of relative dominance and threat in an imagined same-sex competitive context, and attending to the distinction between wearing red oneself and viewing red on an opponent, revealed a bidirectional effect.
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Recent research has linked red shirts to sporting success. In this article, we analyse the relationship between the colour red and sporting performance in the Spanish Professional Football League.