Influence of pre-analytical conditions on plasma ribavirin concentrations.

  title={Influence of pre-analytical conditions on plasma ribavirin concentrations.},
  author={Peggy Gandia and St{\^e}phanie Trancart and Florence Nicot and Karl Barange and Laurent Alric and Jacques Izopet and Patrick S{\'e}raissol and Michel Lavit and Georges Houin},
  volume={60 10},
Ribavirin (CAS 66510-90-5) associated to peginterferon (CAS 99210-65-8) is the current standard treatment for chronic hepatitis C. Exposure to ribavirin influences the virological response and anemia. Therefore monitoring plasma concentration of ribavirin is a useful tool for individualizing ribavirin dosing regimens. Ribavirin is a substrate of several… CONTINUE READING