Influence of phytase on water-soluble phosphorus in poultry and swine manure.

  title={Influence of phytase on water-soluble phosphorus in poultry and swine manure.},
  author={Clara Roselina Angel and Wj. Powers and Todd J. Applegate and Nada M Tamim and Mary C Christman},
  journal={Journal of environmental quality},
  volume={34 2},
The effect of dietary non-phytin phosphorus (NPP) and phytase (PHY) concentration on total phosphorus (TP) and water-soluble phosphorus (WSP) excretion was determined. Diets tested in broiler experiments were: National Research Council nutrient requirements for non-phytin phosphorus (NRC), NRC + PHY, reduced non-phytin phosphorus (RED), and RED + PHY. Turkey and swine experiment diets included NRC, RED, and RED + PHY. For all experiments, except broiler Experiment 1, excreta were: (i) boiled… CONTINUE READING


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