[Influence of physical therapy on pain.].


The new orientation concerning the therapy of chronic pain has brought about essential progress during recent years. However, physical therapy is often disregarded. Therefore, various possible ways of influencing pain by physical therapy are presented. In contrast to pharmacotherapy, physical therapy is often able to abolish the causes of pain. By means of respiratory control or relaxation it is possible to reduce increased muscular oder vascular reactivity. The unfavourable influences of increased tone of the sympathatic nervous system on the development of chronic pain may be reduced by several methods of physical therapy. The possibility of influencing the nociceptor and the surrounding tissue by electrotherapy is still a hypothesis, but a promising one. Central pain control by physical therapy is investigated most frequently and is of essential importance. It is also of value to take into consideration the psychotherapeutic effects of physical therapy. The integration of physical therapy into a complex treatment schedule may lead to further progress in the treatment of patients with pain.

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