Influence of pH values on preparation of hydroxyapatite/gelatin composites

  title={Influence of pH values on preparation of hydroxyapatite/gelatin composites},
  author={Wen bo Liu and Shuxin Qu and Ru Shen and Chong Jiang and Xiao-hong Li and Bo Feng and Jie Weng},
  journal={Journal of Materials Science},
Hydroxyapatite (HA, Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2) biomaterials have been studied as the substitute materials for the hard tissue because of its biocompatibility, bioactivity, and osteoconductivity [1]. Unfortunately, HA biomaterials cannot be used for heavy load-bearing applications due to their low mechanical properties [2]. Therefore the mechanical properties of HA biomaterials have been frequently improved by including a series of organics, such as collagen, gelatin, and Polylactide (PLA) [3– –6]. It is… CONTINUE READING