Influence of oral dosing with D-isoascorbic acid on L-ascorbic acid content in guinea pig tissues

  title={Influence of oral dosing with D-isoascorbic acid on L-ascorbic acid content in guinea pig tissues},
  author={N. Hidiroglou and R. Mad{\`e}re and M. R. L'abb{\'e}},
  journal={Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry},
  • N. Hidiroglou, R. Madère, M. R. L'abbé
  • Published 1997
  • Chemistry
  • Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry
  • Abstract The effect of graded doses of D-isoascorbic acid (IAA) on the tissue content of ascorbic acid (AA) in guinea pigs administered a marginal intake of ascorbic acid was studied. Thirty guinea pigs (inbred Hartley-strain) were randomly assigned to three equally sized treatment groups: 1) 1 mg AA (only); 2) 1 mg AA + 20 mg IAA, or 3) 1 mg AA + 100 mg IAA. Ascorbic acid alone or in combination with IAA was orally administered daily to all animals over 42 consecutive days, after which time… CONTINUE READING
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