Influence of non-neuronal cells on regeneration of the rat sciatic nerve.

  title={Influence of non-neuronal cells on regeneration of the rat sciatic nerve.},
  author={Jari Sj{\"o}berg and Martin Kanje and Anders Edstr{\"o}m},
  journal={Brain research},
  volume={453 1-2},
The ability of the rat sciatic nerve to regenerate into a previously frozen distal nerve segment was studied and compared to regeneration after a crush lesion. The regeneration rate in the frozen segment was 1.9 mm/day, which was approximately half of that observed after a crush lesion (3.3 mm/day). If an unfrozen nerve segment was left intact beyond the frozen section, the rate of regeneration increased to 3.2 mm/day. However, a fresh nerve segment sutured along the frozen segment did not… CONTINUE READING

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