Influence of mast cells on thyroid function.

  title={Influence of mast cells on thyroid function.},
  author={Antonio Carlos Mugayar Bianco and Maria Tereza Nunes and Cheyenne Douglas},
  journal={Endocrinologia experimentalis},
  volume={17 2},
The role of mast cells on thyroid gland function was studied with respect to two sites of thyroid control: 1. the thyroid gland; 2. the hypothalamus pituitary system. It was observed that the treatment with disodium cromoglycate (mast cells stabilizer) partially blocked the TSH actions on thyroid gland, thus evidencing the thyroidal mast cells as an intermediary factor of TSH actions on thyroid gland. Furthermore, both T4 and T3 serum concentrations were increased after compound BW48-80 (mast… CONTINUE READING

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