Influence of long-term food restriction on sleep pattern in male rats

  title={Influence of long-term food restriction on sleep pattern in male rats},
  author={Tathiana Aparecida Alvarenga and M{\^o}nica Levy Andersen and Ligia Assumpç{\~a}o Papale and Isabela B Antunes and S{\'e}rgio Tufik},
  journal={Brain Research},
The present purpose was to determine the effects of different schedules of long-term food restriction (FR) applied to rats from weaning to the 8th week. Rats were distributed into FR and ad libitum groups at weaning and fed at 7 am, at 7 pm, and finally, restricted rats fed ad libitum. The restricted rats started with 6 g/day and the food was increased by 1 g per week until reaching 15 g/day by adulthood. The rats were implanted with electrodes to record electrocorticogram/eletromyogram signals… CONTINUE READING

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