Influence of lattice structure on multipole interactions in Γ 3 non-Kramers doublet systems

  title={Influence of lattice structure on multipole interactions in $\Gamma$ 3 non-Kramers doublet systems},
  author={Katsunori Kubo and Takashi Hotta},
  journal={Physical Review B},
We study the multipole interactions between $f^2$ ions with the $\Gamma_3$ non-Kramers doublet ground state under a cubic crystalline electric field. We construct the $\Gamma_3$ doublet state of the electrons with the total angular momentum $j=5/2$. By applying the second-order perturbation theory with respect to the intersite hopping, we derive the multipole interactions. We obtain a quadrupole interaction for a simple cubic lattice, an octupole interaction for a bcc lattice, and both… 
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