Influence of intralesional surgery on treatment outcome of chondrosarcoma.

  title={Influence of intralesional surgery on treatment outcome of chondrosarcoma.},
  author={Toshifumi Ozaki and Norbert J. Lindner and Axel Hillmann and Robert W Roedl and Sebastian Blasius and Winfried Winkelmann},
  volume={77 7},
BACKGROUND Intralesional (IL) surgery for chondrosarcoma is an inadequate procedure; however, sometimes it cannot be avoided. The outcome of 26 patients (PTS) who underwent IL surgery for chondrosarcoma was analyzed. METHODS Median follow-up time was 146.5 months. Eighteen tumors were located in the axial skeleton and 8 in the extremities. The histologic grade distribution of the chondrosarcoma was: 14 Grade 1, 8 Grade 2, and 4 Grade 3. Diagnostic problems were noted in 4 of the 18 central… CONTINUE READING