Influence of infection intensity on predilection sites in swine trichinellosis.

  title={Influence of infection intensity on predilection sites in swine trichinellosis.},
  author={Francisca Serrano and Juan Enrique P{\'e}rez-Mart{\'i}n and David Reina and Ignacio Navarrete and Christian Moliin Outzen Kapel},
  journal={Journal of helminthology},
  volume={73 3},
The muscular distribution of Trichinella spiralis or T. britovi was studied by digestion in 59 experimentally infected pigs and seven wild boars. Crus muscle was the predilection site in 89.3% of 28 heavily infected swine with 146-3634 larvae per gram (lpg), but in 51.6% of middle to light infections (0.005-59 lpg) the basis of the tongue showed higher larval densities than the crus muscle. The basis of the tongue was also the predilection site in 71.4% of wild boars. Highest counts in other… CONTINUE READING

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