Influence of impurity ferromagnetism and of the external magnetic field on the resistance of a metal with magnetic impurities

  title={Influence of impurity ferromagnetism and of the external magnetic field on the resistance of a metal with magnetic impurities},
  author={Alexei A. Abrikosov},
Origin of the magnetic field enhancement of the spin signal in metallic nonlocal spin transport devices
The nonlocal spin valve (NLSV) enables unambiguous study of spin transport, owing to its ability to isolate pure spin currents. A key principle of NLSV operation is that the ``spin signal'' is
Classical and quantum order in hyperkagome antiferromagnets
Motivated by recent experiments and density functional theory calculations on choloalite PbCuTe$_2$O$_6$, which possesses a Cu-based three-dimensional hyperkagome lattice, we propose and study a
Magnetic impurities in Kondo insulators: An application to samarium hexaboride
Impurities and defects in Kondo insulators can have an unusual impact on dynamics that blends with effects of intrinsic electron correlations. Such crystal imperfections are difficult to avoid, and
Kondo effect in a Aharonov-Casher interferometer
We consider a model describing a spin field-effect transistor based on a quantum nanowire with a tunable spin-orbit interaction embedded between two ferromagnetic leads with anticollinear
Single-Co Kondo effect in atomic Cu wires on Cu(111)
Linear atomic chains containing a single Kondo atom, Co, and several nonmagnetic atoms, Cu, were assembled atom by atom on Cu(111) with the tip of a scanning tunneling microscope. The resulting
Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopies of Magnetic Atoms, Clusters, and Molecules
The Kondo effect of adatoms on surfaces may to some extent be controlled by manipulating their electronic and geometric environment. Results are presented from artificial structures like quantum well
Feedback in Infinite-Server Queuing Systems
Queuing systems with infinite servers \(M|M|\infty \), \(MMPP|M|\infty \), \(GI|M|\infty \) with feedback are considered. Asymptotic characteristic functions of the flow of repeating requests in the
Intermediate coupling fixed point study in the overscreened regime of generalized multichannel SU(N) Kondo models
We study a generalized multichannel single-impurity Kondo model, in which the impurity spin is described by a representation of the SU(N) group which combines bosonic and fermionic degrees of