Influence of impurities on the fracture behaviour of tungsten

  title={Influence of impurities on the fracture behaviour of tungsten},
  author={Bernd Gludovatz and Stefan Wurster and Tobias Weing{\"a}rtner and Andreas Hoffmann and Reinhard Pippan},
  journal={Philosophical Magazine},
  pages={3006 - 3020}
Ten tungsten materials with different impurity concentrations and different microstructures have been investigated by Auger electron spectroscopy and scanning electron microscopy with respect to their fracture behaviour. For almost all samples, both inter- and transgranular fracture are observed, and the proportion of each type varies. Due to the difference in their impurity content and grain boundary area, a large variation in the grain boundary impurities can be expected. By analysing the… 
Preprint of : Intergranular fracture of tungsten containing phosphorus impurities : A first principles investigation
In the present work we have studied the influence of phosphorus impurities on the grain boundary strength of tungsten by means of quantum mechanical calculations based on density functional theory.
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