Influence of hypobaric hypoxia on leptin levels in men

  title={Influence of hypobaric hypoxia on leptin levels in men},
  author={Matthias Tsch{\"o}p and C J Strasburger and Marcell Toepfer and Hubert Hautmann and Ricarda Riepl and Robert William Fischer and G. C. Hartmann and K E Morrison and Monique Appenzeller and Wulf Hildebrandt and J{\'e}r{\^o}me Biollaz and Peter D B{\"a}rtsch},
  journal={International Journal of Obesity},
Weight loss, induced by increased energy expenditure and reduced energy intake, occurs regularly during prolonged exposure to altitude above 5000 m. Loss of fat accounts for up to 74% of this weight loss. Furthermore, loss of appetite is one of the most frequent symptoms of acute mountain sickness (AMS). As leptin is a key mediator in the neuroendocrine regulation of energy homeostasis and appetite, we investigated the effect of hypobaric hypoxia at high altitude on serum leptin levels in men… CONTINUE READING