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Influence of grade one Zambian teachers and GraphoGame on initial literacy acquisition : Lusaka district

  title={Influence of grade one Zambian teachers and GraphoGame on initial literacy acquisition : Lusaka district},
  author={Jacqueline Jere-Folotiya},
  journal={Jyv{\"a}skyl{\"a} studies in education, psychology and social research},
  • J. Jere-Folotiya
  • Published 2014
  • Education
  • Jyväskylä studies in education, psychology and social research
Jere-Folotiya, Jacqueline Influence Of Grade one Zambian Teachers And GraphoGame On Initial Literacy Acquisition: Lusaka District Jyvaskyla: University of Jyvaskyla, 2014, 181 p. (Jyvaskyla Studies in Education, Psychology and Social Research ISSN 0075-4625; 503) ISBN 978-951-39-5800-8 (nid.) ISBN 978-951-39-5801-5 (PDF) Various research conducted in Zambia have revealed that literacy levels of Zambian learners are below the expected grade level. The Zambian Government has made huge financial… 
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