Influence of glutathione on zinc-mediated cellular toxicity

  title={Influence of glutathione on zinc-mediated cellular toxicity},
  author={Udo Ingbert Walther and Harald M{\"u}ckter and Burckhard Fichtl and Wolfgang Forth},
  journal={Biological Trace Element Research},
The effect of zinc on various pulmonary cell lines has been studied by measuring the depletion of total cellular glutathione after exposure to zinc(II) chloride at different concentrations. Total cellular glutathione (cGS) was measured at 31 ± 3 nmol/mg, 3.8 ± 0.6 nmol/mg, and 3.7 ±1.2 nmol/mg protein in A549, L2, and 11Lu cells, respectively. After treatment with buthionine sulfoximine (BSO), the cGS levels decreased by 20% in A549 cells and below 0.2 nmol/mg in L2 and 11Lu cells. Exposure of… CONTINUE READING