Influence of gender on post-tetanic potentiation in human dorsiflexors.

  title={Influence of gender on post-tetanic potentiation in human dorsiflexors.},
  author={Deborah D O'Leary and Katharine Hope and Digby G. Sale},
  journal={Canadian journal of physiology and pharmacology},
  volume={76 7-8},
Twitch contractions of the ankle dorsiflexors were evoked before and after 7 s of tetanic stimulation at 100 Hz in young women and men. Torque decreased more in men (18%) than in women (12%) during the tetanus. There was no gender difference in twitch peak torque potentiation over the 5-min post-tetanus. Potentiation was 42% (women) and 45% (men) at 5 s post-tetanus, and still present at 5 min (women 24%, men 25%). The immediate (5 s) shortening of twitch rise time was similar in women (14… CONTINUE READING

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