Influence of friction on granular segregation.

  title={Influence of friction on granular segregation.},
  author={S. Ulrich and M. Schr{\"o}ter and H. Swinney},
  journal={Physical review. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and soft matter physics},
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Vertical shaking of a mixture of small and large beads can lead to segregation where the large beads either accumulate at the top of the sample, the so-called Brazil nut effect (BNE), or at the bottom, the reverse Brazil nut effect (RBNE). Here we demonstrate experimentally a sharp transition from the RBNE to the BNE when the particle coefficient of friction increases due to aging of the particles. This result can be explained by the two competing mechanisms of buoyancy and sidewall-driven… Expand
Shear-driven segregation of dry granular materials with different friction coefficients.
The first experimental demonstration of bulk segregation in a shear-driven dry granular mixture, where the particles only differ in their surface friction coefficients is reported, and a mechanism in which the smooth particles are driven towards regions of lower shear rate is proposed. Expand
Mechanisms in the size segregation of a binary granular mixture.
All the results can be explained by a combination of three mechanisms: a geometrical mechanism called void filling, transport of particles in sidewall-driven convection rolls, and thermal diffusion, a mechanism predicted by kinetic theory. Expand
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