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Influence of exercise training on the free testosterone to cortisol ratio

  title={Influence of exercise training on the free testosterone to cortisol ratio},
  author={Joseph W. Duke},
  • J. Duke
  • Published 1 May 2008
  • Medicine

Efficacy of Adaptogenic Supplements on Adapting to Stress: A Randomized, Controlled Trial

The adaptogenic preparations, AD APT-232S or ADAPT-S, are safe and effective supplements for enhancing tolerance to physical and emotional stress as well as for the recovery of athletes during and after high–intensity exercise and competitions.



Endocrine Responses to Exercise and Training

  • Exercise and Sport Science
  • 2000

Physiological testing of the high-performance athlete

The purpose of physiological testing (J.D. MacDougall and H.A. Wenger) what do tests measure? (H.J. Green) testing strength and power (D.G. Sale) testing aerobic power (J.S. Thoden) testing anaerobic

Hormonal and metabolic adaptation to exercise

Blood Hormones as Markers of Training Stress and Overtraining

An intraindividually decreased maximum rise of pituitary hormones (corticotrophin, growth hormone, cortisol and insulin has been found after a standardised exhaustive exercise test performed with an intensity of 10% above the individual anaerobic threshold, suggesting an impaired hypothalamic regulation.

Behaviour of testosterone, sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), and cortisol before and after a triathlon competition.

The data suggest an anabolic deficit lasting for several days as a result of prolonged physical strain in a 1/4 triathlon competition.

Plasma testosterone and cortisol responses to prolonged sculling in male competitive rowers

It is indicated that a prolonged low-intensity training session results in a similar anabolic and catabolic hormone stimulus for trained rowers.

The behaviour of the plasma free testosterone/cortisol ratio during a season of elite rowing training.

It remains to be demonstrated that periods of prolonged decreases in the level of the FTCR may finally lead to a situation of overstrain or overtraining in an athlete.

Effects of exercise on adrenocortical function.

Free testosterone/cortisol ratio in soccer: usefulness of a categorization of values.

  • G. BanfiA. Dolci
  • Medicine
    The Journal of sports medicine and physical fitness
  • 2006
An original, pragmatic and easy-to-use classification of FTCR values, in association with classical interpretations based on decreases of the values in comparison with previous athlete's result is applied.

[Anatomy and physiology].

  • R. Schülke
  • Medicine
    Zahntechnik; Zeitschrift fur Theorie und Praxis der wissenschaftlichen Zahntechnik
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