Influence of dietary nutritional composition on caterpillar salivary enzyme activity.

  title={Influence of dietary nutritional composition on caterpillar salivary enzyme activity.},
  author={Branislav Babic and Alexandre Poisson and Shireef A. Darwish and Jean Lacasse and Magali Merkx-Jacques and Emma Despland and Jacqueline C Bede},
  journal={Journal of insect physiology},
  volume={54 1},
Caterpillars are faced with nutritional challenges when feeding on plants. In addition to harmful secondary metabolites and protein- and water-limitations, tissues may be carbohydrate-rich which may attenuate optimal caterpillar performance. Therefore, caterpillars have multiple strategies to cope with surplus carbohydrates. In this study, we raise the possibility of a pre-ingestive mechanism to metabolically deal with excess dietary sugars. Many Noctuid caterpillars secrete the labial salivary… CONTINUE READING

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